Outdoor Heat Campaign

Enjoy the Warmth, Forget the Smoke.

No Smoke, Just Warmth.


The campaign would include 3 video shorts featuring: the Propane Table, Fire Pit, and Chiminea. Each product would be showcased in a cozy backyard setting, highlighting their ability to provide great outdoor heat, smokeless comfort and personality! The interactions between the characters emphasize the warmth and convenience of the TIKI® Brand, appealing to those seeking an enjoyable and smoke-free outdoor experience.

Each short emphasizes the smokeless feature of the TIKI® Brand fire pit while showcasing the cozy, inviting atmosphere they create, encouraging viewers to bring this experience to their own backyards.

The Concept


We open each video with a cozy TIKI’d backyard with a (Propane Table, Fire Pit or Chiminea) at the center. The night is calm, and the fire glows warmly. A 30-something couple, sit around the table with their skeptical neighbor encouraging him to “join their flame gang” and TIKI® his backyard!

As the interaction plays out, the dynamic camera stays inside the circle, cutting to each person individually as they speak. We always see the flame in the bottom foreground of the shots. We cut out to a group shot occasionally to show the TIKI-fied space.

:30 Ad Spot Concept

:15 Ad Spot Concept