Brand Awareness Campaign

We’re more than just torches & fuel…

What if “Tiki” was a verb?

A part of speech that describes an action, occurrence, or state of being. 

TIKI verb

Ti-ki { ‘tē-kē }


The inclusion of “TIKI” as a verb in the Miriam-Webster/Urban dictionary acknowledges its cultural significance and the trend of individuals seeking to make their backyards vibrant and inviting.

Usage: Allen enthusiastically TIKI-ed his backyard by installing torches, a fire pit and employing mosquito-repelling measures. As a result, his outdoor space became an inviting haven, perfect for spring gatherings without any nuisance from smoke or insects.

Campaign Messaging Ideas

Tiki (verb)
Tiki State (of mind)
Spring is Tiki-ing Time
Tiki Time
Time to Tiki
Tiki-ing Time

Are you ready to Tiki?
Got Tiki’d?
Get your Tiki on
Do You even Tiki?
Just Tiki-ed
Tiki your moments

TIKI: Spring Brand Awareness Video

The tone and feel are breezy, somewhat like Wayfair campaigns mixed with a
Wes Anderson Film. A modern American Mom and Dad walk out to an empty patio with a mission to get it ready to enjoy.


Almost every shot is center-framed, symmetrical and locked off. Similar to a Wes Anderson style. The Couple is often shown side-by-side in a medium-wide, facing directly toward camera.
The product shots are the only true close-ups.

The cutting rhythm fluctuates with a lot of snappiness. Very punchy with precise timing.


The music is orchestral and lets us know this is tongue-in-cheek. During the rapid montages, it shifts to intense, bordering on epic Hans Zimmer style. Every sound effect is emphasized and drives the editing of the montages.


Mom and dad walk out to an empty patio.
Dad turns to mom “This feels empty”
Mom “It was a long winter”
Dad “I think we need to TIKI”
Mom nods in agreement “We *need* to Tiki”

CUT TO: Wide shot of the back patio: sounds of a truck backing up. Close-up of a delivery signature being signed. In stop-motion, boxes from large to small pop onto the middle of the patio.

CUT TO: Mom and Dad standing side-by-side. They turn to each other and simultaneously say “Time to Tiki” matter-of-factly and go to open the boxes.

— Montage ensues:
TIKI torches are stabbed into the ground SHT SHT SHT SHT SHT SHT.

A propane table is wheeled into place and the accessories are added with speed and precision. The Propane tank to placed inside.

Eight Tiki lanterns are placed on various tables. Candles are popped into each one. CLICK CLICK CLICK…

CUT TO: Wide Shot. The ladder and the couple POP around the yard in jump-cuts; four Tiki repellant string lights are stretched across the trees. Mom and Dad switch up who’s on top of the ladder. They finish.


They both plop down on a couch near the fire pit in a two-shot.

Dad: “We Tiki’d”
Mom “Terrific Tiki”
Dad: Ready to light up?”
Mom smiles.

CUT TO: Rapid montage, both close-ups and wide-medium shots, of all the products being lit up, culminating with the fire pit.

Mom: “Almost done”

Fast montage of Dad taking cliche photos of Mom, couple-selfies, a long floaty
video of the fire pit burning, etc.
Cut to Dad smiling “…no smoke…”
Cut to mom smiling “No mosquitoes”
Cut to two-shot.
Mom “That’s Tiki-”
Dad “- You know we’re never going to stop saying that…”


– Dad: “Let’s Tiki tomorrow night too”

– Dad nods in agreement, then squints with an  epiphany: “I think we need to Tiki the front yard

– Neighbor shouts over fence “Now I want to TIKI”

– Dad: “And to think we almost went with solo-”
Mom, cutting him off: “—nooooope”

TIKI: Fall Brand Awareness Video

A modern American couple has a patio party starting in less than an hour. As the hour progresses, we cut back and forth between mom and dad, with mom often looking over at dad’s attempts to “help”


All shots of Mom are hurried, efficient, and precise.
All shots of Dad are locked off and medium-wide, conveying they’re almost always Mom’s POV to allow the physical comedy to play out.


When we’re with mom, it’s rapidly orchestral music (think rapid cellos playing) and when we cut to dad, it suddenly becomes mellowed and a little bouncy. Every sound effect is emphasized and drives the editing of the montages.


Mom is frenetically setting all the the most important aspects; the food, the decor, and most importantly, the centerpiece: The Tiki Smokeless Fire Pit.


Dad is focused on decidedly less important tasks; He’s out in the yard, raking the leaves into a pile, but awkwardly and inefficiently trying to put them in a bag without much success.

Back to mom setting the table with silverware and placemats. She shoots a look over to dad in the yard

Now dad is overly concerned with a gopher hole in the lawn, putting ear to ground to listen for it, noticing mom is paying attention for a moment, he shouts across the yard “I THINK HE’S GOING TO COME OUT SOON”

Back to mom setting and lighting Tiki table lanterns.. She shoots a look over to dad in the yard

Now dad is dedicating trimming the hedges with an unusually small set of shears and catching the clippings in his palm.

Back to mom fluffing the pillows on the chairs. She shoots a look over to dad in the yard – Now he’s posed to shoot a 3-pointer with a trash bag into the trashbin; he shoots, and the bag lands on the side of the trashcan splaying the bags contents all over the sidewalk.

Back to mom starting the smokeless fire pit. She shoots a look over to dad in the yard – Now he’s trying to coax a hesitant squirrel to eat out of his hand in a tree.

Back to mom rapidly sweeping the patio. She shoots a look over to the yard – where is dad? She looks up – Dad is now spread eagle on the roof, trying to clean the gutter with a little bucket and scooper. With a “brave” look he calls down “Be glad you don’t have to smell this!” Mom give him a deadpan “wow, so great” face.

Back to mom CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK lighting all the tiki torches around the patio. Over her shoulder we see dad is measuring the grass near the walkway with a ruler, lost in some mental calculation.

Finally, mom is done. The patio setup is elegant and very well decorated, with Tiki products
taking center stage.

Dad walks up and puts his arm around her, admiring the spread. With a proud squint, he states “We did it”

Car honk from the front yard. The guests have arrived.

CUT TO: panning across the guests and the couple laughing and chatting around the fire pit. The camera pans over just enough to see the squirrel is on the arm of the chair next to Dad, unnoticed by the guests.

CUT TO: Wide, High-Angle shot of the full patio, tastefully decorated, partygoers chatting enthusiastically. The full spread is on display as our final image.


Fort Worth, Texas