With our integrated video and photo studio, we can take ideas from conception to completion across all your channels. Our streamlined approach is a close, collaborative process with our clients that combines curiosity, context, and skill.


Storytelling, Ad Spots, Interviews & Brand Content


In-Use, Application & On-White


Editing, Color Grading, Motion Graphics & CGI

We collaborated with Greenworks to develop a comprehensive content strategy, showcasing their cutting-edge 24V cordless portfolio. Our content seamlessly integrates across their website, e-commerce platforms, distributor networks, and vibrant social media presence. This dynamic content strategy transformed their product line into an immersive experience, enhancing in-store merchandising while effectively engaging audiences across both digital and traditional platforms.

We seamlessly merged digital and physical communication strategies for a Bosch Automotive campaign titled “Reputation is Everything”. Our client received “2022 – Best Campaign” recognition and an award at AAPEX, but it also showcased real insights gleaned directly from dedicated auto shops in real environments. Over the span of three weeks, our team diligently documented and interviewed five loyal and experienced US auto technicians, culminating in a comprehensive omni-channel campaign that we handled from inception to delivery.

Swagger Marketing spearheaded a comprehensive project, developing concepts, crafting ads, managing talent, coordinating locations, and scripting for a series of dynamic broadcast pieces focused on DIY advice. From inception to completion, every aspect was meticulously handled, resulting in a seamless production that equips DIY enthusiasts with expert guidance.

As a crucial component of our comprehensive branding initiative for Bosch Automotive, our primary objective is to distinctly elevate the Bosch identity by telling genuine stories of actual workshops and technicians. By embracing diversity, fostering inclusion, and delving into the personal narratives of mechanics, we aim to establish Bosch as an authentic ally and champion of the trade.

We’ve been working to elevate the content creation strategies for HyperTough brands’ e-commerce platforms. With a strong understanding of market trends and consumer behavior, we’ve been developing dynamic content tailored to resonate with HyperTough’s target audience. Whether it’s crafting engaging product descriptions, producing captivating imagery, or detailed feature benefit videos, Swagger Marketing helps HyperTough brand establish a strong online identity across their e-commerce and web channels.

Our team captured the essence of luxury and innovation through a captivating collaboration with AXOR. We meticulously documented, conducted insightful interviews, and expertly edited a comprehensive showcase of a remarkable 3-day immersive journey into the world of AXOR. Experience the brand’s artistry and craftsmanship like never before, brought to life by Swagger Marketing’s creative prowess.

Our collaboration with Dremel is focused on simplifying the understanding of their products and infusing them with approachable appeal. By partnering closely with Dremel, we help to transform complex concepts into easily digestible information, ensuring that their products are not only comprehensible but also user-friendly. Through our strategic efforts, we’re dedicated to enhancing Dremel’s brand experience and fostering a seamless connection with their users.

Swagger Marketing boasts exceptional CGI capabilities that elevate our ability to tell compelling product stories when practical footage can’t. Our CGI expertise enables us to create photorealistic, immersive visuals that breathe life into products, taking viewers on a captivating journey of discovery. Whether it’s showcasing intricate product details, illustrating complex manufacturing processes, or crafting breathtaking product simulations, CGI allows us to transcend the limitations of traditional filming. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity, we harness CGI to transform concepts into visually stunning narratives, ensuring that our clients’ products stand out in a crowded marketplace with unparalleled visual storytelling.

Our fully featured studio can accommodate a wide variety of shoots, from compelling brand films to e-commerce product photography.

We always like to keep experimenting with the possibilities, and because of the integration with Swagger, we have the same creative eyes watching the entire process start to finish.


  • Pre-production, storyboarding, tech press, and casting
  • Commercial branded content direction and cinematography, both in-studio and on-location
  • High-speed (1000 fps) and drone cinematography available
  • Tabletop and e-commerce photography and video content
  • Full editing suite with delivery to all B2B and social channels
  • Seamless workflow with web and graphic design teams