Hey folks, over at Swagger Marketing, we teamed up with the Atlas Bobcat crew in Mt. Prospect, IL. We threw them a challenge: point us to an underrated product that deserves some attention. They pointed us to the Bobcat Toolcat, a versatile piece of gear at a similar price point to the typical skid steer-style bobcat but loaded with more features.

Seeing an opportunity, we decided to mix things up. We added some “one tough animal” vibes and spiced it up with new lifestyle visuals. Our team handled the logistics, found the perfect location, and worked closely with the local dealers.

We believe heavy equipment deserves a better content experience, and on top of that, we’re giving the sales team something fresh to showcase to their customers. No rulebook, no purchase order – just a bunch of heavy equipment enthusiasts doing what we love. Check it out and hope you find it interesting! 🚜💪